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Communities still Underwater: Puerto Rico Health Center Working Overtime That which was once a community with a little stream running right through it really is now a fetid lake which has swamped homes and presents a significant wellness concern for occupants. On Friday, garbage floated through the murky green waters which have chock-full homes in the Parcelas Selgas community of Florida, Puerto Rico, a municipality using the same name as the U.S.Modelled projections present obesity trends increase by 2035 as well as the gap between your highest and most affordable income organizations will widen further. Although presently there are several healthcare initiatives to handle obesity issues, the study discovered that not absolutely all participants had seen a doctor within the last 12 weeks. Of these who had, just 17.4 percent had received suggestions about their pounds, despite 48.4 percent carrying excess fat. Those that received advice were instructed on how best to slim down mainly, instead of granted information regarding the number of medical issues connected with obesity or obese. Dr Jyotsna Vohra, from Tumor Study and UK co-author, said: We’re extremely concerned that a lot of people simply don’t connect cancers with weight problems.